Coming Home

At 85, Tom Hertog has no choice but to move into a nursing home. He is highly skeptical of his new bingo-playing, flower-arranging, communal-dining world. All he wants is to be left alone in his room with his music, books and computer. He rejects every friendly overture from people in the home. Until one day, when there is no way around it. He has to let this world in – into his room… and into his life.

Coming Home addresses an issue familiar to many. This film is a wonderful tool for residents and staff of nursing homes to open avenues for discussion of subjects such as loss, stereotypes and friendship. The DVD includes a discussion guide for this purpose.

Starring Eric van der Donk & Wim van Rooij
Script & co-director Bernard BussemakerDirector Tess Löwenhardt
Production Nachtzon Media BV – Hilversum The Netherlands

Length 25 minutes
Subtitles English/French/Netherlands
16:9 – Stereo – Colour



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